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It’s time to manifest some wisdom.

Updated: Apr 19

It’s time to manifest some wisdom.

Change of blog plans at 5 AM Tuesday morning. The blog I was writing for this week was on another topic. But then I read the news. The White House is preventing the experts on the pandemic task force from testifying to Congress. The head Doctor for vaccine development filed a whistleblower complaint.

I don’t have to add to the zillions of articles and blogs, and fear and anger, about the many things the administration has done wrong about the pandemic management. The more important issue now is how are going to make sure we have a society, institutions and government that are truly operating for the welfare of the country and the world?

Hey folks, we have to manifest some wisdom about what’s right, what’s the purpose of our society, how we elect our leaders and listen to perhaps this last warning or wake-up call. (My next blog will be about forecasts for the post virus economy and society.)

I’m a writer and believer in the power of our thoughts and ideas from which everything we know originates. There is an enormous constituency and reemerging movement about the power of positive thinking, manifestation, and popular incarnations such as the law of attraction.

Right now, we have something far more important than the usual “wants” to manifest and attract — our collective and personal safety and security. Before the pandemic erupted the biggest public global issues were environmental threats and economic disparity – they have now been displaced by a truly global and immediate threat. But our fear now is that the preparation and response for the global pandemic are being managed by the same people who created and perpetuated the economic and environmental threats.

So, if you want to manifest something for a better life now and into the future, there is no better goal than to manifest rapid and successful control of the pandemic. We also need to manifest a more universal psychology that finally recognizes that every person on this planet and every society is totally connected to one another. We can no longer act independently and in isolation. The metaphysics philosophies have taught that there is a single, universal or collective consciousness of which we are all part. Maybe we can’t verify the abstract nature of a collective consciousness, but we can verify that every person on the planet is connected by physical and material relationships that must work together or all fail together. But the Covid pandemic has shifted the immediate needs, but not the priorities of the American government.

Deny — hide — lie.

The United States seems to be acting more like China in its coronavirus political management. We have an administration that believes it can deny, lie and hide information about the pandemic faster than the pandemic is spreading. They are wrong.

As most observers have pointed out, the virus does not know borders, political affiliations or anything except its innate programming to survive. And many government leaders, in the White House and in states, are working on the side of the virus, by ensuring it can continue to live by finding new human hosts.

I can almost understand the Trump approach to deny/lie/hide because it believes it can continue that approach long enough to get reelected. If enough people can be distracted from what’s going on in front of us every day, and not too many people get sick or die, then the Trump group erroneously believes it can win just in the nick of time.

What do the people currently in economic and political power believe they will gain by winning another election and presiding over a national and global healthcare crisis? As long as the healthcare crisis persists, economic chaos will expand. Reopening the economy is likely a short-term bounce- if the virus resurges the public fear and economic reaction will be even greater than the first round.

I can’t believe that Administration people are ignorant of the dangers of the global health crisis. Thus, they must be driven by some madness for power and ego straight out of the early James Bond villains who wanted to control the world for their own warped perceptions of importance and their contempt for everyone else.

The liars are not even pretending anymore.

In 2019 I wrote a book ( The Margin of Error War) about the insidious cyberwar that determined the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. I wanted to add my perspective about how information terrorism and the first epic cyber battle changed the course of history by influencing the 2016 election. Adversaries of the United States manipulated the American psyche and too many people were angry, afraid, in denial, too greedy or had an ideology that was easily manipulated. I thought I was contributing to the knowledge about the threats to the United States and democracy around the world. But the 2016 political manipulation now seems amateurish compared to what is being served up in the United States about the pandemic.

The deny-lie -hide is being delivered hourly by politicians, and is being contradicted by the many experts, even within the administration, within hours.

I think most people will agree with a more familiar experience most of us have had.. Have you ever worked for a company where the top management consistently misrepresented and lied about the business and kept their job? Sure, there might be a few exceptions somebody will remind us, but that is the exception and not the norm. No Board of Directors would allow such mismanagement of a crisis and disregard for basic facts.

The coronavirus pandemic is certainly the most serious and immediate threat to the world in over 100 years.

And despite extraordinary advances in technology, communications and education, history will show that world leaders were beyond negligent in failing to prepare for the pandemic. There were plenty of warnings from experts and shrewd observers such as Bill Gates. The emergence of the pandemic was no surprise. We’ve had several mini-epidemics in the past 20 years - AIDS, SARS, Ebola and others that were fortunately contained or in some way limited from rapid expansion.

There was no failure of imagination about the certainty of a future pandemic that would be beyond our knowledge and beyond our ability to contain. There were serious experts and a concerned call for preparation for the known but unlabeled pandemic. In looking at the timeline now, the Corona pandemic arrived right on schedule.

What has been the response in the United States leadership? The virus is an inconvenience to the ruling party and a threat to the election. Hide it, deny it, lie about it.

We have to get through the pandemic in order to make substantive changes in government, how we manage democracy, economic structures and so on. And I’m sure we will get through it. The only way to make sure that “getting through it” succeeds is for a resounding 2020 presidential election that refutes and replaces the liars, deniers and hiders.

The core discovery in my book, The Margin of Error War, was that our adversaries did not have to hack our voting machines or convince half the population to vote based on some major lie. The adversaries cleverly used digital platforms to manipulate the news and inflame issues to shift opinions and votes of less than 5% of the people in a few key electoral states — thus the concept of the Margin of Error War.

Here it is, 2020, and we are faced with the same presidential election security concerns. The 2016 cyber war occurred right in front of our eyes but was being engineered behind the scenes.

But today, the people in power don’t even worry about their overt lying to stay in power. The will to influence the very small percentage of people who might make the difference in the electoral election.

This was part of the introduction to my book:

The 2016 Presidential election exposed the cyber-war waged by the adversaries of the United States.

How did it happen? How did we let it happen? What did we miss?”

It’s worth repeating, for both the 2020 election and the pandemic- except now we are supposed to have some answers.

How did it happen? How did we let it happen? What did we miss?

So, 2020 is the ultimate script, a combination of a global pandemic + the most important political election in American history. Who could have thought up such a concept for HBO or Netflix?

I read a lot of fiction about alternative histories and post-apocalyptic societies after a war, epidemic or other widescale disasters that wipe out most of humanity.

Hey folks — it’s not fiction anymore! We are living in an alternative history that is contrary to all the past history of the United States. And we are living on the cusp of a post-apocalyptic lifestyle of some form. (My next blog will focus on my predictions of what the post virus economy and world will look like. That’s next week.)

But I don’t understand about the Republican/conservative/right-wing response.

There is either an extraordinary level of ignorance, and they really do not understand what a pandemic disease means to every aspect of our life. Maybe there are a couple of people who are not so ignorant, but we know there were/are plenty of people in government and experts who warned what was likely to occur.

Or…the same DNA drives the right-wing and the virus-survive any way possible. There is a power pathology so strong that it drives some people to do anything to preserve themselves regardless of the injury to everything else. Just like the corona virus imperative to survive.

But here’s the big question. How could anybody think that they could first hide, and then deny, then lie about a global pandemic? The fact-checking is all there. Daily and weekly administration updates on the virus that are wishful thinking with a smidgen of medical facts. How can anybody believe that they could out-deny the speed of the pandemic?

I and others can ask the questions, but we have no ability to be inside the minds of people who thought they could lie and deny week after week.

Rich Spitzer

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