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Why Positivity

There are centuries of observation, philosophy, teachings, books and blogs, and modern science

about positive thinking. I started with the conventional and common-sense wisdom. And  updated a definition of Positivity to support a new hypothesis that most people have neglected positive intelligence. Here's a start on modern modern definition.

  • Positivity is a broader concept than "positive thinking."

  • Positive thinking in common usage is individual thoughts. But the real issue is when thoughts create the inevitable and influential self-talk. A positive or negative thought can be fleeting; it's the steady stream of self-talk that becomes the stories we tell ourselves and influences all aspects of our lives.

  • Positivity includes the state of mind, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, confidence, optimism, feelings, and expectations. My focus on Positivity is for things we want to obtain or change.

  •  The state of Positivity can stimulate imagination and creativity, support motivation and persistence, reinforce resilience and combat the forces of frustration, disappointment and discouragement.

  • Positivity is the force or momentum that enables a person to increase their probability of success in achieving their goal.

We all want to improve our lives, be more successful, get a new job, live a healthier lifestyle, have more financial security, run a successful business, and make the world a better place.


Whatever your goal, you need to measure your progress toward success.  


And you will be more likely to succeed if you achieve a level of Positivity that is not overwhelmed by doubts, fears, and negativity. It's difficult to change your choices and actions if you don't know how you are thinking about your goals.

In all my research and reading that spans almost 3000 years of philosophy and teachings  I never found one statement that advised that the secret of success was to be "more negative."

I Learned the Many Benefits of Positivity

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Are you ready to reach your goals?

Positivity is the platform and the portal to success in the modern world.

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