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Why Positivity IQ  For Success ?

There are centuries of observation, philosophy, teachings, books, blogs, and modern science

about positive thinking. I built on what I learned and added commonsense wisdom. 

In all my research, that spans almost 3000 years of commentary, I never found one idea that advised that the secret of success was to be "more negative."

  • Positivity is a broader concept than "positive thinking."

  • A positive or negative thought lasts a moment. It's the steady stream of self-talk that becomes the stories we tell ourselves and influences all aspects of our lives.

  • Positivity IQ includes thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and expectations and more.

  •  The state of Positivity can stimulate imagination and creativity, support motivation and persistence, reinforce resilience and combat the forces of frustration, disappointment and discouragement.

  • You will be more likely to succeed if doubts, fears, and negativity do not overwhelm you.

  • It's difficult to change choices and actions if you don't know your state of Positivity.

  • Positivity IQ is momentum that enables a person to increase their probability of success.

  • Whatever your goal, you need to measure your progress toward success.  



I Learned the Many Benefits of Positivity


Are you ready to reach your goals?

Positivity is the platform and the portal to success in the modern world.

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