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We can't promise that Positivity I.Q. Wellness will work for every wellness goal, but it should be compatible with most programs. For example, most health and wellness programs recommend that you maintain a positive attitude to support your motivation and follow your health and wellness practice. 

Note: Wellness Positivity is intended only for personal use as an aid to help with other health recommendations, plans, or practices. Positivity is not a replacement for any medication or medical advice. Instead, wellness Positivity is a way to help your thoughts, beliefs, and confidence in your health plans and maintain the discipline to fulfill the regimens.

Note: we are not medical practitioners. We are not offering or promoting our services or programs as a substitute or addition to medically recommended wellness programs. Always consult a medical professional before starting any new program or changing the practices or instructions medical professionals have given you.

All of the positivity intelligence materials, the Workbook, the basic plan, and the positivity scorecard can be used just as they are for your health and wellness goals.

Buy The  Modern Positivity  Scorecard

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The heart of The Modern Positivity Formula and developing your

Positivity IQ is the Positivity Thoughts Scorecard™.


The Scorecard is available only by direct purchase from this website.


Contact us directly to arrange for your purchase of the Positivity Scorecard for $25.00.

Included are:

  • The Positivity Scorecard

  • The user guide to filling out and interpreting the Scorecard

  • The 16-week recommended plan to use the book, workbook, and Scorecard to help you achieve a sustained positive habit 


The Scorecard will be sent in Excel, and it also works in Google Sheets (a free Google download). If you want to use the Scorecard but do not use Excel or Google sheets, we can arrange to help you fill out the Scorecard and calculate your scores.


Users can fill out the Scorecard manually and send the Scorecard, or a scan of the pages, to us and we will fill out the Excel version that calculates your scores and send it back to you within three business days.


We recommend that you fill out the Scorecard weekly, and no longer than once every two weeks. The monthly charge for our manual entry into the automated Scorecard, and completing your report with our comments is $25 per month. Please contact us for more information.

All Sales  Final.  If any functional problems occur with Scorecard, replacements are available at no cost for 6 months after purchase.


If you purchase the Scorecard at the website, you will receive free updates for all of 2023.  

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