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Positivity I.Q. Lessons 2023

The Continuing Evolution of Positivity Intelligence In 2023.


I started my research and publication with my first book The Manifestation Formula (available on Amazon). Like many people, I was captivated by the ideas and promises of the law of attraction and manifestation, but eventually, they still left my practical questions unanswered. The first book focuses more on the metaphysics of manifestation but still is uses the primary mechanism of  enhanced level of Positivity.

If it's true that you "attract what you think about," then the obvious interpretation is that you want to attract the things you want; the good things in life, and by definition, weneed to start with a positive mindset.


My second book, Modern Positivity, along with the Workbook, Scorecard, and plan, is a full approach to understanding, measuring, and managing our positive versus negative self-talk along with the target goal of reaching a level of 68% positivity about your issues.


However, while using the principles myself, hearing from readers and users, and conducting additional research, I realized that one more component was needed to close the loop and build a stronger positive habit.


The most frequent questions I heard were where do I start? How do I begin? How do I keep going?


In 2023 I will publish the next book in the series with the working title:

 Discover Your Positivity Intelligence

Lessons I Learned To Increase Positivity For Success

There are countless books, programs, and practices related to positive thinking, happiness, and success. And they all have legitimate and admirable goals and often good advice.


But as I've noted, conventional teachings, practices, and even psychological sciences still do not fill the gap between giving advice and providing effective tools with measurements to learn how to use those tools effectively.


The next book, Discover Your Positivity Intelligence, will summarize the key lessons I've learned from actual use over the past several years.


There are actually several goals we have that are not always clear.


Goal #1. The Want Goal. Something you want to obtain or achieve. A new job, more financial security, health, and wellness goals, and many others. Each of these goals has a built-in measurement because you see the progress you are making.


Goal #2. The Belief Goal. The absolute necessity is to have sustainable confidence, beliefs, optimism, and other attributes of Positivity that enable you to invest the time, motivation, discipline, and perseverance in pursuit of your goal. 


It's been advised that you can't easily reach success if you have conflicts - a strong desire for something while simultaneously having little or no confidence in your ability to achieve it.


From my own experience and learning from the wisdom across all disciplines, Discover Your Positivity I.Q. will present the lessons I learned about understanding, managing and increasing sustainable Positivity Intelligence.


And there will be Scorecard to monitor your feelings about your progress across all your goals and Positivity targets.


Over the years, I've collected thousands of types of advice, descriptions, terminology, and more. Too much for me ! So I consolidated and organized them into a few simple principles I could understand and personally use.


In Discovery Your Positivity I.Q., I will present the six primary lessons and the 30 individual practices that I had to learn to use in different ways, at different times, along my path to raising my positivity I.Q.


Here's a quick introduction to lessons learned to build your positivity I.Q.

The Positivity I.Q.

The 6 x 30 Lessons I Learned for Positivity


After developing an extensive list of techniques, methods, and practices, I overwhelmed myself with too much information and overlapping ideas. I did my best to consolidate all that I found useful into six overall categories.

  1. Beliefs about myself and what's really important to me.

  2. Understand and manage my attitudes/personality traits.

  3. Engagement with ideas. Try new things, and always refine ideas.

  4. Commitment to do the work and stick with a plan.

  5. Connect the elements. Make choices, take action, and keep it simple.

  6. Respond to the real world. Be aware, be adaptable, and recognize changing opportunities.

I still had hundreds of ideas. There were individual practices that I used at different points in my positivity training. Some ideas I could learn quickly and use a few times; others became necessary to manage my daily positive life. For example, learning to manage patience is a necessary, almost daily process. I now recognize that I'll never be "cured" of impatience, but I know that I have to manage it. The final book may have some different descriptions; this is from my work in progress. My list of 30 Ways to Create Positivity

My list of 30 Ways to Create Positivity

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