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Meet Rich Spitzer, the creator of
The Positivity Intelligence IQ™

If you are reading this, it's because I successfully followed the universal Positivity and Manifestation principles I'm writing about. A modern technique for how transforming our thoughts, ambitions, and ideas into real things.


I adapted my business research expertise to understand and manage the vast universe of information that influences us every day and to create new practices that will help us use the information for ourselves and the greater good.  

The transition from "business" to finding new methods
to survive and thrive in our 24/7 information world.


I have over 55 years of experience in communications, behavioral, and market research. I've designed, analyzed, or managed thousands of studies about economic markets, communications, social issues, human behavior, and future trends. I've worked for consultancies and global marketers who used Big Data and predictive analytics and developed some of the earliest Internet-based research systems in the 1990s. My degrees are in marketing and communications.

I retired many years ago as the EVP of one of the world's largest marketing research firms. However, I was still interested in the opportunities emerging with the development of the Internet. Net-based systems would change everything about how we survive and thrive in our 24/7 information world. It would be easier to connect information and its influence on behavior—we could finally connect the dots better than ever before.

I recognized a resurgence in one trend - a new era of personal and organizational programs for achieving goals successfully. At the same time, I encountered my postretirement challenges and doubts about my plans and my ability to do what was necessary to successfully achieve my goals.


A friend recommended Dr. Wayne Dyer's book, Manifest Your Destiny. I was familiar with some of the concepts but not the specific practices and the long history of the power of our thoughts and creativity to help us make choices and take the action to achieve our goals. The book by Wayne Dyer started me on the pursuit of finding the so-called "secrets of success." Although I thought I knew what it took to succeed, at least in the corporate world, I found that entering new fields on my own, my definitions of success and the methods to it no longer looked so clear-cut.

So, I decided to continue my reading on learning but do for myself what I spent decades doing for clients. First, I created a hypothesis of what could be the common denominators of success. Then, I created a research plan to find practical and common-sense practices with a history of success. I was well aware of theories, but I also wanted real-life examples of how people transform their thoughts into their reality. If other people transformed their ideas into successful outcomes, how did they do it, and how could I do it too?


I've gone the path of metaphysics, the law of attraction, manifestation, the myriad of secrets of success, and positive thinking programs. Almost everything I encountered at elements that made sense, with specific advice for familiar techniques such as visualization, journaling, and more.

The singular concept that has been consistent for almost 3000 years and is widely accepted but, unfortunately, has never been clearly defined is the advice to be "more positive."

The concept of more positive, and specifically positive thinking, became the focus of all my research. Not only did the history of common-sense observation identify positive thinking as a powerful tool for success. I also knew that my familiar thinking and personality traits skewed towards the negative, uncertain, doubtful, and sometimes fearful. I could definitely use some education on how to be "more positive."


I also found widespread interest and frustration in the search for manifestation and success practices that work in our practical, information-overloaded lives.

As I learned more and talked with people, I found an amazing consistency of interests and frustrations— and a desire for universal practices that would work for each of us.

I've applied my research background to creating The Manifestation Formula and Modern Positivity, and the third book in the series, discover your positivity I.Q., will be available in 2023.

I also use my extensive experience to create what was clearly missing in the entire history of positive thinking — an actual method to define, measure and manage a person's inevitable conflicts between positive and uncertain thinking. The positivity scorecard is simple but encompasses all that I've learned in decades of research for how to get practical, simple measurements of often complex and elusive issues.

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