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The Positivity IQ Scorecard

You have a goal to reach. 

Maintain a minimum level of 68% Positivity

about achieving your goals.


How will you know and manage your Positivity progress?



People and organizations love to keep score and track their progress.

 But reading a book is not a progress report. Memory is not a measurement.

You cannot accurately or completely remember or keep track of your thoughts about your plans, ideas, and goals in your head.


Developing a new habit, a Positivity habit, requires practice, measurement, feedback, and modification as necessary.

The Positivity IQ Scorecard enables you to record and track your positive, uncertain, and negative thoughts about achieving your goal.

  •  I discovered that "thinking" positively about my goal at least 68% of the time was not as easy as I expected.

  •  I had no way of knowing how well I was doing.

  •  The Positivity IQ Scorecard is a simple tool to keep track of how I really felt about my progress and confidence toward my goals each week.

Measure Your Positivity IQ
The PIQ Scorecard uses a few simple statements to represent commonsense self-talk about our goals.
You fill in your rating of how well each statement represents your feelings about efforts during the weekly period.
The seven statements cover a range of positive, uncertain, and negative thoughts you might have; the statements are generic, so you can use your own words when doing your self-assessment.


piq 5.1.png

The goal of practical Positivity is to learn to manage the positive, negative and uncertainty/doubt so that the negative does not overwhelm the positive.

There are two scores based on the seven statements.

  •  A total of the Positive scores. That's the starting point. 

  •  Then there is an adjustment factor for how negativity detracts from positive intentions.​

After you enter your ratings,the two scores are calculated automatically.

The goal is to increase your Adjusted Positivity score to 68% and maintain that level, or higher, to support your plans to achieve your goal.

The Positivity Scorecard Progress Report™

The PIQ  Scorecard does the work for you.

 A Progress Report Chart is automatically updated when you enter new scores in the Scorecard.


  • Automatically updated 

  • Total Positive     

  • Total Adjusted

  • Target 68% line








How often do you measure Positivity IQ?

  • The recommended process is to fill out The Positivity Scorecard once a week.

  • The basic Scorecard is set up to record for 14 weekly periods, about three months. The conventional wisdom is that it takes 30-90 days to break or create an ordinary habit.

  •  There is also a Scorecard with 26 periods for up to six months of weekly recording. The Scorecard comes with a complete instruction guide.

  • The current Scorecard works in Excel or Google Sheets. Google Sheets is a free download from Google.

  • If you do not use Excel or Sheets, please contact us for custom PIQ Scorecard services.


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