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My interest and eventual research about positivity began in 2004. There was an abundance of professional and popular books, counseling programs and other methods related to positive thinking, But I eventually became frustrated with the inability of conventional practices to answer my basic questions about the meaning of what it means to be “more positive”, and how to apply positive thinking to achieve specific goals.

So, I used my 50+ years of research experience to find practical, commonsense approaches to managing one of the few things in life that we can control  - our thoughts and self-talk and most decisions and choices.

I have written a series of three books that represent my continuing learning and evolution. All the books are based on the same core concept of defining and measuring our levels of positive vs negative thinking. All books are based on the unique Positivity Scorecard, a simple way of measuring your levels of positive thinking on a regular basis.

Each of the three books represents a different but related context of the origins, methods and applications of developing an effective positivity habit — a natural but neglected skill that helps us avoid being overwhelmed by inevitable negative challenges in life.

1. The Manifestation Formula is the first book, covering my initial interest in the metaphysics and sometimes spiritual aspects of manifestation, positive thinking, and the overall concept of “you are what you think.”


2. The Second book is Modern Positivity, which provides a broader look at the research and methods of achieving a higher level of applied positive thinking to pursue your goals.


3. The third book, Discover Your Positivity Intelligence, includes the Positivity Intelligence Workbook and the Positivity IQ Scorecard. Together, the materials represent a complete course for building a sustainable and effective positivity habit.

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The Positivity Intelligence Book Series

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