Positivity Can Be Your Key to Health & Wellness Success  

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You Can Achieve Your Health & Wellness Goals
If You Can Turn Off The Negative Self-Talk.

You just have to decide what you really believe you can do.

Health & Wellness goals are usually 100% under your control.

But success requires only 68% Positivity to get started.

What are your health and wellness goals?

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According to research studies, the #1 obstacle to achieving success

are your beliefs that you can actually do it.

Despite all the professional guidance and programs, studies report that wellness/fitness/weight loss goals are not met by 50%, 75% or more of the people who try them. 

The biggest disconnect in personal change/success programs, especially wellness, is one core issue:

Are your thoughts, intentions, and actions connected to what you truly believe you can do?


Wellness programs acknowledge the need for positive thinking.But they provide little if any direct help to support your positive confidence in achieving your goals.

Health & Wellness programs require the necessary physical actions, such as dieting or exercise.
But success requires a second crucial element - the mental work of maintaining expectations, motivation and working through the inevitable disappointments.

The Wellness Positivity Plan makes the positive thinking & psychology simpler, direct and provides the necessary feedback.

Are your beliefs and confidence sufficiently positive so that you can maintain your motivation and follow your health and wellness regimen?

Most people will benefit from having two ways to measure their health and wellness progress: 
•    A physical measurement. You need a scale to measure your weight. Are you able to lift greater weights, run a faster mile or lower your blood pressure?

•    A personal belief measurement. Every health & wellness goal has some type of numerical measurement. But to achieve wellness progress, you might also need a way to measure your Wellness Positivity.


The Positivity Formula/ for Wellness is your personal improvement method to be used in conjunction with other practices and exercises designed for specific wellness goals. 

Wellness Positivity is not a specific program to lose weight, quit smoking, or achieve emotional calmness; there are professional programs for health and wellness issues. Instead, Wellness Positivity is the connection to shift your self-talk and increase Positivity, so other wellness/health programs work more successfully for you.


It's extraordinarily difficult to change your choices and actions if you don't know, let alone control, your thoughts and self-talk about your goal. The Positivity Scorecard and Progress  Report are the tools to fill this gap in conventional programs.



You first have to convince your mind

before your mind can energize your body to do the work.
Maintaining an exercise regimen or losing weight is a purely personal goal, so 100% of the pressure is self-induced – nobody else is responsible for your goal.

We can't promise that Positivity Wellness will work for every wellness goal, but it should be compatible with most programs. Most health and wellness programs recommend that you try to maintain a positive attitude to support your motivation and follow your health and wellness practice. 

(Note: Wellness Positivity is intended only for personal use as an aid to help with other health recommendations, plans or practices. Positivity is not a replacement for any medication or medical advice. Instead, wellness Positivity is a way to help your personal thoughts, beliefs, and confidence in your health plans and maintain the discipline to fulfill the regimens.
Note: we are not medical practitioners. We are not offering or promoting our services or programs as a substitute or addition to medically recommended wellness programs. Always consult with a medical professional before starting any new program or changing the practices or instructions medical professionals have given you.