The Manifestation Formula Seminar Series

The Manifestation Formula Seminar

Learn the art and science of how to change your thinking to achieve your goals successfully.


You can’t achieve positive thoughts and success when most of your thoughts and self-talk are negative. The Manifestation Formula helps you match your thoughts with your goal-specific activities.


People have many goals in life — health, wealth, wisdom, and things we would like to obtain and achieve.

There are countless programs about manifestation, positive thinking, the law of attraction, and self-empowerment to help you achieve your goals.

I found valid advice in most of the teachings. But they all lacked one critical step that continually frustrated me — they did not explain the practice and tell me how to use it in a way that I could understand, believe in, and use in my overloaded life. So I created a program that would work for me, so it should work for others.

Using the teachings and philosophies from over 3000 years, combined with my background in behavioral research, I developed the Manifestation Formula that helped me transform my thoughts and ideas into successful outcomes.

Bringing the book to life.

The Manifestation Formula Seminar is my first public presentation of the development and application of the program. Books and workbooks can be very helpful. And there is one more step that can bring it all to life — a  personal presentation of the original thinking behind successful manifestation, and the opportunity to interact with others who are seeking similar manifestation success.

No single book, webinar, podcast, or CD is adequate to give you all the knowledge and support you need to make a major change in your life or achieve an important goal. You can’t just talk to yourself all the time. It’s far more productive to be part of a successful manifestation community and share the techniques, experiences and what you’ve learned.


A complete Seminar.

The Seminar is based on my book, The Manifestation Formula (on Amazon) , and the companion workbook and truly unique Thoughts Scorecard. The Seminar will include all that you need to participate in the Seminar.


Your registration fee will include:

  • A copy of the book, The Manifestation Formula, Kindle, or hard copy.

  • The practice Workbook and Thoughts Scorecard.

  • Participate in the series of four seminars scheduled over four consecutive weeks. Each Seminar will be broadcast on Zoom.

  • Each Seminar will be approximately 1 ½ hours long. The first hour will be devoted to specific course material, and the last half hour will be an open forum for questions and answers.

  • Participants in the Seminar will also receive a discount for personal coaching based on The Manifestation Formula. Participants will be able to schedule up to three sessions, for $50 an hour, instead of the normal $100 per hour rate.

The Seminar sessions will provide the foundation for understanding successful practices to change the way you think about your goals, beliefs, and choices to achieve successful change in your life.

I truly believe that you have to understand how a process works to believe that it will work for you.


The four sessions will cover:

Session 1. The research and development of the Manifestation Formula, the power of our thoughts and learning from the smartest people in history.

Session 2. The core principles of the Manifestation Formula, an in-depth review of the most important principles in the book, the workbook, and the interactive  Thoughts Scorecard.

Session 3. Learn how to use the workbook exercises and Thoughts Scorecard. Setting goals and maintaining a process to reach the 68% manifestation success zone.

Session 4. Real-world application for manifesting personal goals, including health and wellness, financial security, personal achievements, and things you would like to obtain.

The Manifestation Formula is designed to help you use other goal-specific programs more successfully. For example, if you want to use a program to create a healthier lifestyle or greater financial security.


The Manifestation Formula can be the key to unlocking the power of other programs. You can’t achieve positive thoughts and success in creating a regular wellness routine when most of your thoughts and self-talk are negative. The Manifestation Formula helps you match your thoughts with your goal-specific activities.

Manifestation Formula seminar fee: The total cost for the Seminar, including the boo

The first Seminar will be scheduled for October 2020 and will repeat several times throughout the year. Contact us now to be on the list for the announcement of the registration opening,  by the end of August.  Contact us now to receive the next Seminar announcement.