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The Positivity I.Q. Plan

A Plan to Increase Your Positivity I.Q.


Successful Positivity is often just

common-sense observation and application


You can't change your way of thinking and achieve your goals just by reading one book.

If you want to increase your Positivity, you've got to do some work. 

Trying to change your life and achieve your goals is not a hobby — it is your life's work.


Modern Positivity is not a formula for making money, losing weight,

reducing stress or lowering blood pressure.


Modern Positivity is a formula to help create the Positivity necessary for success. 

#1. A positive belief that the goal-specific program will help you succeed.

#2. A positive and sustained belief that you can achieve your goal.


Your Positivity I.Q. is the enabler of your focus, motivation, discipline, and perseverance to achieve your goal with a higher probability of success.  

When I became interested in success programs, positive thinking, and manifestation techniques, I started with simple questions. And discussions with many people, the most common question was, "where do I start"?

We all wanted to know :


  • What were the most important factors of success that I could use for my goals?

  • How do some people seem to succeed so easily?

  • Why do some people fail despite their efforts?

  • What's behind the successes and misses?  

  • Can we identify the patterns of success?

  • Can we learn to use our thoughts, choices, and actions more effectively?

  • Are there fundamentals of success that can be easily described, simplified, applied, and measured?

  • Yes. It's in the Modern Positivity Formula and 16-week plan.      


The Modern Positivity Intelligence ™ is a personal guide with four parts:

The Modern Positivity book describes my research to develop the Positivity Formula and principles. (Available on Amazon, print, and kindle. ) 


 The Modern Positivity Workbook™ provides simple exercises from the key points in the book. The exercises help you learn and change the nature of your positive vs. negative thinking and personalize them to your beliefs and goals.

Building and maintaining Positivity is the same process as creating any new habit. The process requires learning a few fundamentals and practice and more practice. The Workbook has exercises that help simplify the key ideas and get you engaged in the process. (Available on Amazon, print)


The Modern Positivity Thoughts Scorecard™. We all like to know how we're doing; we like report cards. The Scorecard tracks your thoughts and beliefs about progress towards your goals. You record Positivity ratings weekly, and a chart shows your progress in managing your positive, uncertain, and negative thoughts and beliefs. (Available for direct purchase through this website. Currently, the Scorecard is based on an Excel workbook and works on Google sheets, which is a free download). Custom scorecard management is available.


A Positivity Plan. A basic 16-week plan that provides time to read the book, complete the Workbook, and follow the Positivity Scorecard for up to 14 weeks. Since building or breaking an ordinary habit can take 30 to 90 days, I've allocated that cycle to use the Positivity Scorecard to develop your new Positivity habit. The plan is available at no cost with the purchase of the Positivity Scorecard or proof of purchase of any of the books on Amazon.

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Buy Modern Positivity on Amazon

The Modern Positivity Workbook on Amazon 

Coming in 2023!

The next book in the series will provide the most practical additions to the plan with specific lessons I learned to build my positivity habit.

Send us your email, and we will let you know about the publication date.

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