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The Modern Positivity Workbook and Scorecard

   The  Modern Positivity  Workbook  

You can’t change your way of thinking and achieve your goals just by reading one book.

If you want to learn how to increase your positivity,     you’ve got to do some work. 

Trying to change your life and achieve your goals is not a hobby — it is your life’s work.

The optimal success condition is to have a level of Positivity that significantly improves the probability that you will be in the prime zone for where most events occur. There will always be exceptional levels of success and failure, but most things happen in the middle. There are several common problems with how we approach success today. People often look for shortcuts, fail to recognize different options from their expectations or cannot adapt to the inevitable exceptions and diversions. Nothing is impossible. But if you are consistently and predominantly negative about trying to achieve your goals, it's unlikely that you will succeed. Common-sense Positivity finally made sense to me. From my research and personal and organizational experience, I had the common-sense realization that I had used for many years but never considered a formal success strategy. It was too simple. Positivity is not just what popularly called "positive thinking," although it is the major component. Positivity is a set of ideas, beliefs, attitudes, discipline, motivation, choices, and actions that all must be consistently aligned in pursuit of your goals. I can summarize the overall Positivity with concepts the 4Ps: Purpose - A clear, definite goal, a vision of what you want to achieve. Persistence – Keep working, adapting to new information, deal with obstacles, maintain effort. Positivity - The foundation of maintaining purpose and persistence to increase the probability of success.Probability - It's possible to achieve the goal –it's been done by others –a specific, measurable level of effort and Positivity to achieve the statistical likelihood that you can achieve the goal. 


                        Why 68%?


A statistical view of success probability. Improve your position in the natural order of probability. The basic normal distribution or bell-shaped curve shows that in the universe of all possibilities, most activity occurs in the middle, and higher or lower levels of the measured activity fall away to the extremes. 

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