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The  Modern Positivity Workbook

You can’t change your way of thinking and achieve your goals just by reading one book.

If you want to increase your Positivity, you’ve got to do some work. 

Trying to change your life and achieve your goals is not a hobby — it is your life’s work

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Many conventional techniques and psychological counseling are widely recommended for dealing with our negative and irrational thinking, fears, and dealing with obstacles. I developed one more method that helped me get more organized and motivated to do the necessary Positivity work and practice.


My book, like others, has lots of useful advice. I can highlight sections, make notes in the margins and turn down pages. But I rarely go back to a book to refresh my memory of what I'm supposed to do. Some programs do provide worksheets and forms to fill out, but I found they were often boring, confusing and not very instructive. 

So I created The Modern Positivity Workbook™ to provide simple exercises to help you learn and practice techniques to change the nature of your positive vs. negative thinking and personalize them to your beliefs and goals. 

There are several common problems with how we approach success training today. 

Nothing is impossible. But if you are consistently and predominantly negative about trying to achieve your goals, it's unlikely that you will succeed. People often look for shortcuts or they cannot adapt to the inevitable exceptions and diversions. 

Trying to change your life and achieve your goals is not a hobby — it is your life's work. So if you want to learn how to increase your Positivity, you've got to do some work.

Reading a book or listening to CDs are great tools to learn about positvie thinking techniques. But a stronger foundation for increasing your level of Positivity is to actually practice and train yourself in the art of thinking positively. 

                                      You can't increase your Positivity just by thinking about it!

Each person has different interests and learning styles. Still, there are many common characteristics of how people learn more effectively and train themselves to be more proficient in the skills they want to gain. Whether learning to play a sport, play a musical instrument or any other skill, it's learning the fundamentals and then practice, and more practice.


The Positivity Workbook helps you become directly engaged in expressing your thoughts and self-talk and putting it on paper.

Building and maintaining Positivity is the same process to create any new habit. The process requires learning a few fundamentals and practice and more practice. The Workbook has exercises that help simplify the key ideas in the book and get you more engaged in the process.

Some of the exercises include the following:

•    What is your Positivity personality? Were you born to be positive, or do you have to learn the technique?
•    How to understand your self-talk. What kind of stories do you tell yourself about your ambitions and your fears and doubts? Only you can change the conversations you have with yourself.
•    How to get comfortable with confidence in achieving your goals. Can you convert your thoughts about your goals into a written description? Are you comfortable telling other people about your goals and ambitions? How to practice getting your thoughts out of your mind and out into the world.
•    What kind of learner are you? Are you ready to make learning positivity a full-time job, or will it just be a part-time hobby?

The Positivity Thoughts Scorecard.