Manifestation Metaphysics


The ideas of the law of attraction and Manifestation can now be updated with our evolutionary awareness and a practical method for our modern lives. The Manifestation Formula will help bring forth our abilities to manage universal connections and to transform our ideas and thoughts into achieving goals and successful outcomes. 

The Universe Does Not

Take "Reservations."

Manifestation and The Law of Attraction practices are not new ideas. The ideas emerged over 3000 years ago, from Lao Tzu to Plato, Aristotle to the modern practitioners such as Carl Jung, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Tony Robbins, and the New Thought movement. Almost every great intellect, from Shakespeare to Einstein, recognized that human thoughts are special, and must be part of a greater idea – but what was that idea?

Here are my six principles based on traditional teaching, modern science and the commonsense observations of the people and events we encounter every day.​

Image by Olena Sergienko


The universe does not take reservations for humans' wishes, wants and prayers. The universe does not take special requests; there are no backorders and is never out of stock, you can't set up a special delivery for a future time. The universe only works in the "now," a process that YOU must start and follow according to a few basic rules. Many practices emphasize that all that we have is the present moment; the past is history; the future is a mystery; all we have is now.


Our manifestation processes are the same that function within the universe — there is a process for the Manifestation of everything. It took billions of years for the sun to be created, and millions of years for life to develop – it took however long was required. If we are to operate successfully within the rules of the universe, we must follow the principles of connection, alignment, and participation, with our thoughts, emotions, energies and actions as the engines of Manifestation.


Most of us are obsessed, "are we there yet?" As Wayne Dyer wrote, "nature unfolds at its own pace." When you plant the seed, you must wait for it to blossom; you can't pull on it to make it come up faster. Everything humans do operates within the same unfolding process.


The universe does not judge the worthiness or the merits of your intention. The universe responds to interactions with the energies we broadcast and the information it contains, good or bad.


A foundation of quantum mechanics is probability, with theories of one universe, multi-verses or multiple realities. If every possible outcome exists in some reality, we may have an ability to move between realities or experience them. The familiar Deja vu, instincts, visions, and dreams might be our limited ability to experience other realities and other universes. Metaphysics Manifestation offers the ideas to improve our awareness of and ability to tap into these multiple possibilities.


One premise of the convergence of quantum physics now supports manifestation concepts. There is no empty space in the universe. The unknown and known matter and energy in the universe are a vast, continuous, and connected presence. Everything is part of a whole, and everything is connected to everything else at some basic level of energy.

Are we humans able to tap into this unified energy presence and influence its direction and operation? The answer is yes, but at a human scale of energy, magnitude, time, matching our processes with the way the universe works.

We can accept the scientific evidence that the universe is composed of energy that contains information, which can then be combined in unlimited ways, and everything is connected to everything. This practical concept is the foundation of our goal of Manifestation and transforming our thoughts into the tangible outcomes we envision.