The Modern  Positivity Program

Successful Positivity is often
just common sense observation and application

 The Manifestation Formula book on Amazon

The Positivity Formula Workbooks and Scorecard 

When I became interested in manifestation, success programs, and positive thinking, I started with simple questions. But I almost always found the promised solutions to be complex, contrary, overwhelming programs with too many layers and steps to be practical.

So I set out to create a positivity program with a very basic formula for success — for most people and in most circumstances. We all have goals, and frankly, not all are realistic, but that still leaves an immense range of possibilities for you and me. 

What were the most important factors in observable patterns of success that I could use for my goals? 
There is an enormous range of professional and clinical advice and a thriving self-help industry. If someone had actually discovered the essential elements of success, why would there be so many competing programs? I discovered that the simplest solution for me was common-sense and readily observable.

"You've Always Had the Power, My Dear; You Just Had to Learn It for Yourself." Glinda from The Wizard of Oz
Just as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz was told, the answer was always right there and within her capabilities, if she looked and believed. I needed a common-sense understanding of my "positivity personality," and how I talked to myself, and how to manage my positive vs. negative self-talk. 

The Modern Positivity program provides the simple tools for what I needed to know about my Positivity personality and what I needed to change to have a more positive mindset to make more effective choices and actions to reach my goals.

The Manifestation Formula™ is a personal guide with three parts:

The Manifestation Formula book explains my research to develop the Manifestation Formula and Positivity principles. (The book is available on Amazon, print, and kindle. ) The next book in the series,  Modern Positivity for People and  Organizations will be published in late 2021.

The Modern Positivity ™ Workbook provides simple exercises from the key points in the book, which you can personalize to your beliefs and goals. The workbook is available for purchase here.


The Positivity Thoughts Scorecard. We all like to know how we're doing; we like report cards. The Scorecard™ helps you track your thoughts and feelings about progress towards your goals. You can record your Positivity ratings weekly-monthly, and then see an automated chart of the changes in your Positivity Psychology, on the path to the manage the balance between positive and negative thoughts and beliefs.

The Scorecard includes two blank Scorecards (Use in Excel or Google Sheets). The Scorecard is set up for 26 periods. You set your schedule for weekly, biweekly, or monthly scoring. Instructions for use are included. Google Sheets is a free download from Google.

If you do not have Excel/Sheets or do not want them, we can help you fill out the scorecards. Print your Scorecards, fill them in by hand, and send them to us to update for a modest monthly cost. Please contact us for more information.