The Modern  Positivity Plan

Successful Positivity is often
just common sense observation and application

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The Positivity Formula Workbooks and Scorecard 

When I became interested in success programs, positive thinking and manifestation techniques, I started with simple questions.  I wanted to know: What were the most important factors in observable patterns of success that I could use for my goals? 

  • How do some people seem to succeed so easily?•

  • Why do some people fail despite their efforts?

  • What's behind the successes and misses? 

  •  Can we identify the patterns of success? Yes.

  • Can we learn how to use our thoughts, choices, and actions more effectively? Yes.

  • Are there fundamental characteristics of success that can be readily described, simplified, applied, and measured?

  • Yes. It's in the Modern Positivity Formula and 16 week plan.                                                                                                                                                                

There is an enormous range of professional and clinical advice and a thriving self-help industry.

The conventional approaches had useful ideas, but none satisfied my need to really believe in them and understand how they worked. 

 So I created a method that worked for me; I discovered that the simplest solution was common-sense and readily observable.

  •  The success factor: Manage the inevitable conflicts between Positivity and negativity and doubt.

  •   Personal success factor: My thoughts and self-talk about reaching my goals should be positive 68% of the time.

  • Very simple, based on the established principles of probability. 

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The Positivity Plan provides a few simple tools to help you create and maintain a more positive way of thinking to make more effective choices to reach your goals.

The Modern Positivity Formula™ is a personal guide with four parts:

  • The Modern Positivity book describes my research to develop the Positivity Formula and principles. (Available on Amazon, print, and kindle. ) 

  •  The Modern Positivity Thoughts Scorecard™. We all like to know how we're doing; we like report cards. The Scorecard tracks your thoughts and beliefs about progress towards your goals. You record Positivity ratings weekly, and a chart shows your progress managing your positive, uncertainty and negative thoughts and beliefs. 

  •  The Modern Positivity Workbook™ provides simple exercises from the key points in the book. The exercises help you learn and practice techniques to understand and change the nature of your positive vs. negative thinking and personalize them to your beliefs and goals. The Workbook is available for purchase on this website.

      The workbook is available for purchase here.

  • A basic schedule to follow the Positivity Plan. Two weeks of reading and practice, and then up to 14 weeks of Positivity Scorecard use to help build your new powerful Positivity habit.