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The Modern Positivity ™ Workbook provides simple exercises from the key points in the book, which you can personalize to your beliefs and goals.

The Positivity Scorecard.

If you do not have Excel/Sheets or do not want them, we can help you fill out the Scorecards. Print your Scorecards, fill them in by hand, or use the PDF version and send them to us to update for a modest monthly cost.


Please contact us for more information.
For all Workbooks and Scorecards purchased during 2022, if you register at the website and send us your name and email, we will send you all updates at no charge. The Scorecard and Workbook will be updated two-three times a year.

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The Modern Positivity book is available on Amazon, print or Kindle.

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The Positivity Formula Workbooks and Scorecard