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Do you know your Positivity I.Q.?  
Did you know that you have a Positivity I.Q.?

Positivity — The Hidden Intelligence Behind Achieving Success

Modern Positivity is the new method for understanding, managing, and harnessing the power of Positivity to increase the probability of achieving goals.

I was looking for the famous "secret of success" and rediscovered what others have noted since ancient times.


Positive thinking is the foundation of productive, effective, and successful plans, choices, and actions.


Have you ever been told or thought you should be "more positive"? The universal advice is to be "more positive," but it's never defined, The power of positive thinking has long been recognized, but conventional teaching does not explain how to fulfill the advice to be more positive. I wanted to know:

  • What is more?

  • How do I measure more?

  • What is enough more?

  • How do I monitor more progress?

  • How do I become more?

There is no current method to measure and manage what it means to be "more positive."

So, I set out to find a practical way to understand and apply effective Positivity to my own goals. I applied my 50+ years of communications and behavioral research to find the common factors of positive thinking for success that have been observed over the centuries.

Proposal: Positivity is one of our types of intelligence that's
been neglected as an essential part of our life education.

The Positivity I.Q. concept is a natural evolution of the wisdom and science that provides the missing link in transforming ideas, beliefs, choices and actions into successful outcomes.


I also learned…Positivity does not guarantee success. It increases your probability of success.


For almost every goal imaginable, you can find success stories every day. How did other people achieve that success?


  • Positivity is perhaps the most important factor within your control in achieving success.

  • If realistic, how do you increase the probability that you will achieve the goal?

  • You increase your probability when at least 68% of your thoughts about achieving your goal are positive. This is the first target measure for what it means to be  "more positive".

  • You should know your Positivity I.Q.

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