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Do you know your Positivity I.Q.?  
Did you know that you have a Positivity I.Q.?

Positivity — The Hidden Intelligence Behind Achieving Success

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 Positivity Intelligence is the modern approach to develop your Positivity
to increase the probability of achieving your goals.

The PIQ Course is the result of how I discovered and increased my Positivity IQ.

Have you ever been told or thought you should be "more positive"?

I was looking for the elusive "secrets of success". The universal advice is to be "more positive". But conventional teaching does not explain what I needed to know:

  • What is more?

  • How do I measure more?

  • What is enough more?

  • How do I monitor more progress?

  • How do I become more?

So, I set out to find a practical way to understand and apply effective Positivity to my own goals. I applied my 50+ years of communications and behavioral research to find the common factors of positive thinking for success that have been observed over the centuries.

 Positivity is a core type of intelligence that's
been neglected as an essential part of our life education.

 Positivity IQ  is a natural evolution of the wisdom and science.  PIQ provides the missing link in transforming ideas, beliefs, choices and actions into successful outcomes.


I also learned…Positivity does not guarantee success. It increases your probability of success.


For almost every goal you can find success stories. How did other people achieve their success?


  • Positivity is perhaps the most important factor within your control in achieving success.

  • How do you increase the probability that you will achieve your goal?

  • PIQ provides the first defined target for effective Positivity:at least 68% of your thoughts and self-talk about achieving your goal are positive. 

A Plan to Increase Your Positivity IQ.

  • You can't change your way of thinking and achieve your goals just by reading one book.

  •  If you want to increase your Positivity IQ you've got to do some work. 

  •  Trying to change your life and achieve your goals is not a hobby — it is your life's work.

  • Positivity Intelligence is a formula to help create the Positivity necessary for success.

    • #1. A positive belief in the goal you want to achieve.

    • #2. A positive and sustained belief that you can achieve your goal

  • I developed the Positivity IQ course to offer the wisdom and practices that worked for me.


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